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Soil Sampling SOILutions

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven track record providing fertility recommendations on over 60,000 Hi-Line acres annually since 2017.
  • Unbiased, yield-based fertilizer recommendations by a 4-R Nutrient Stewardship certified Professional Agronomist including Rate, Source, Placement and Timing.
  • Experienced with multiple sampling styles (composite, grid, management zone) and technologies (lab, Nutri-Scan). We work with you to implement a soil sampling program that’s right for your operation.
  • Precise 2-depth sample collection georeferenced for accuracy year after year.

Composite Sampling

  • 1, 2-depth composite sample submitted for analysis consisting of multiple cores from across a given field
  • Typical starting place for implementing a soil sampling program. Gives a reference to general field fertility levels and historical management practices.
  • Field-by-field fertilizer recommendations based on yield goals, fertility levels and crop type.

Zone Sampling (Variable Rate):

  • Multiple 2-depth samples collected and submitted from various production zones identified within your fields.
  • Provides baseline fertility levels for multiple production (management) zones across a given field typically used in conjunction with variable rate prescriptions (RX).
  • Zone-by-zone fertilizer recommendations for Nitrogen, Phosphorus & seed based on yield goals, fertility levels and crop type.

Composite Sampling (Variable Rate)

  • 2-depth samples are collected in a grid pattern (typically 10 acres or less) across a field.
  • Provides an in-depth look at varying soil fertility levels in a field but fails to address the question of varying yield potential for variable rate application.
  • Typically cost prohibitive in low-production areas due to the high costs associated with sample collection and analysis.

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